About Me

So what do you write?

Mainly romance and fiction novels, and comedy screenplays, but I also enjoy writing poetry occasionally, and am slowly chipping away at a non-fiction novel that's an insider's view behind the scenes of the brewing and restaurant industry. I've been writing for over two decades and have a lot to share with you!

Why should I read it?

I feel my unique perspective brought about by years of experience in the culinary industry, owning various businesses, and all the things I've done and seen in this great big world makes for a great read! I know I definitely get a lot of enjoyment from writing it:)

Where do I get it?

I'm working on this part currently. I've been amassing a lot of works over the years and finally putting into motion plans to get these works published. Please check out my blog and sign up for my newsletter where I'll be announcing what's going to be released when, where, and how. Thank you for reading!